Treating Fibromyalgia with doTERRA Essential Oil

fibromyalgiaFibromyalgia is a disease in which an individual experiences an extreme amount of daily pain and is accompanied by other symptoms as well.  Some of these symptoms include fatigue, menstrual pain and insomnia.  Many individuals have found relief through using the doTERRA oils.

A couple of great oils for the aches and pains are Deep Blue and Past Tense.  These blends are powerful and help cut the pain and tension away.  One of the ways that Fibromyalgia is diagnosed is through a pressure point test.  The doctor presses on certain points of the body to determine a pain level for the patient.  Patients who suffer from the disease will experience a lot of pain when each of these spots is touched.  Their muscles are quite tense and not much relief can be found from massages.  In fact, in general, a fibromyalgia patient will be in extreme amounts of pain during massages.  Someone needs to be specially trained to treat them.  Past Tense is an especially great blend that cuts the tension and loosens up the muscles to provide some relief.

Fatigue is often a symptom of fibromyalgia as well.  Because people who suffer from this disease are n so much pain it is hard to get the rest that they need to recover.  Lavender and the blend Serenity can be especially helpful for this.  Many people have found that they have slept more peacefully and restfully with the help of these oils, which can help treat the insomnia.  To become more energized oils such as peppermint and wild orange can be used.  Simply by rubbing 1 drop of each of these oils into the palm of your hands and breathing in for a minute or so patients can find relief from fatigue and clear their minds as well.

Painful menstruation can be helped through several different oils, including geranium and clary sage.  Applying these oils topically and then adding a heat compress and really help to sooth those sore muscles.

Not much is known about fibromyalgia, but other patients have found relief through treating the yeast that plagues their bodies.  doTERRA has some great supplements that can help with this.  First it is important to take the Lifelong Vitality supplements, which include Alpha CRS+, xEO Mega, and Microplex VMz.  Each of these supplements works together to provide your body with the base of health and wellness through whole foods nutrients.  They are also gluten free.  To treat the yeast further and more effectively and efficiently GX Assist and PB Assist+ will do the trick.  First you take GX Assist for 10 days, then you follow it up with 5 days if PB Assist+ at 3 pills per day and then 10 more days of PB Assist+ at only 1 pill per day.  Doing the GX Assist and PB Assist+ cycle more than once can also be beneficial.

Using the doTERRA oils and wellness supplements can help to alleviate a lot of the symptoms of fibromyalgia and can help patients to gain their lives back.  They are completely safe and natural, unlike the narcotics that are often prescribed to sufferers.  The relief is found in providing the body with the nutrients necessary to heal.  By using the supplements and oils to help ease pain, discomfort, and to treat yeast and provide nutrients, as well as by eating appropriately many fibromyalgia sufferers have found relief that was worth their efforts.

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