Tips for Improving your DoTerra Oil Sales

DoTerraIn the marketplace today there seems to be a great return to the natural or homeopathic remedies that were once thought the way of the past.  As a DoTerra Oil sales representative you are able to provide a service to many members of your community by teaching others about the amazing results that can be achieved with essential oils.  The key is learning how to promote not only the idea of essential oils but also your business as well.  Here are a few ideas that might give you an advertising advantage:

  • Demonstrations.  Let the oils speak for themselves.  If you can get a target audience who is willing to simply try for themselves you’ll have little work to do in actually selling your DoTerra oils.  If you can network with current customers and give samples or demonstrations to interested friends and family members you’ll soon find that word of mouth and automatic referrals continue to build your business for you.  If you are a personable sales representative with your customers’ well being in mind, you’ll be able to direct them to the right types of oils that will help them with whatever ailments or concerns they have and they will continue to return to you for more.
  • Email marketing.  Staying in contact with past or current customers as well as reaching out to potential new ones is a great advantage offered by html email marketing strategies.  An email list allows you to offer specials or sales, promote new items, and remain in contact with customers to ask for their repeated business.  It has been proven that many customers will return for future purchases when you stay in contact with them.
  • Social Media.  Sites such as Facebook allow for tremendous new marketing opportunities.  Simply by creating a page that introduces yourself, your services, and the DoTerra oils will allow others to find you.  Have a few of your current customers like your page and then share it with others will quickly lead to more and more contacts with new people and potential customers.  Facebook also allows for a quick and easy way to offer limited time specials, promote new products, and even introduce details about a specific oil to a wider audience.  The far reacing effects of social media are astonishing.

Whether you are looking to grow your existing clientele, or simply want to continue to have those clients you have return for repeat business; the important factors to remember are first of offer great products and services and second to remain in contact over time.  The more contact your customers have with you and the more confident they are in your services the more likely they are to return for future purchases as well as refer their friends and family to you as well.

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