Melaleuca doTERRA Oil

melaleuca doterra oilMany people refer to Melaleuca as Tea Tree Oil.  It comes from melaleuca alternifolia – a tree.  The oil is extracted through steam distillation.  Melaleuca has many healthful properties – it is antifungal, anti-infectious, antibacterial, antviral, an immune stimulant, and tissue regenerator, along with many other things.

For centuries aborigines have used tea tree leaves to heal wounds and skin infections.  People also use Melaleuca to cure cold sores, vaginal thrush, diaper rashes, sore throats, gum disease, and diarrhea.  Melaleuca was shown in studies to inhibit Staph, athletes food, and Candida.  Inhaling tea tree oil was found to be anti-inflammatory.

Melaleuca is a mild enough oil that it can be applied neat.  It is also good to use aromatically, especially when respiratory support is needed

Melaleuca is a great oil to have around for a variety of scenarios.  It can be especially useful for first aid.  It helps with odor as well, so is great for a deodorant.  Keeping some Melaleuca with you at all times would be a great idea, since it is such a diverse oil and has such strong antibacterial, anti-infectious, and antiviral properties.

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