doTERRA Essential Oils

You may have heard about essential oils, or about some of their uses, such as aromatherapy, nutrition supplements, or for personal care. As more and more people discover the benefits of essential oils and oil blends, they just naturally spread the word.

It may be, however, that you do not really know exactly what essential oils are – so let us take a look at the composition and creation of some specific doTerra essential oils and see what we can learn.

Let us begin with a familiar scent and flavor, one that we all have experienced: Wintergreen. Most of us have tasted wintergreen in chewing gum and candy, and already know its crisp, clean smell and taste. But did you know that when distilled into a concentrated essential oil, wintergreen has medical properties and acts as a healing agent for the treatment of aches and pains? Its anti-inflammatory properties can help to sooth the joint pain of arthritis.

How about Coriander? We regularly encounter it as an herb used in food preparation, but did you know that it is effective in the treatment of nausea and toothache? It has been used in the treatment of head colds and migraine headaches; in fact, the ancient Chinese even used it to treat measles.

There are essential oil blends created for a variety of uses: one of them is specifically blended to assist in weight reduction through the management of hunger between meals. Another blend is created specifically to elevate your mood and increase your energy. There is even an essential oil kit created for Dr , Mom, to help her care for those everyday medical emergencies that occur in every family.

Exploring the world of essential oils will surely uncover benefits that you and your family will come to treasure.