doTERRA Compensation Plan

There are 4 different parts to the doTERRA compensation plan for Independent Product Consultants.  Each of these parts is a different way in which to make money through selling the essential oils and other doTERRA products.

The first way to make money is through retail profit.  IPC’s receive a 25% discount off of the retail price of oils.  When a customer goes to an IPC’s website and makes a purchase the IPC receives the difference in cost that the customer pays.  IPC’s will also make a 9% profit off of what their Preferred Customer’s purchase.

The second way to make money is through the Fast Start Bonus.  The Fast Start Bonus is paid weekly on your new enrollee volume and requires that you have a Loyalty Rewards (formerly Autoship) order of at least 100 PV (personal volume).  IPC’s make a 20% profit off of the volume that their new enrollees buy.  20% is paid on the Level 1 enrollees, 10% on Level 2 enrollees, and 5% on level 3 and lower enrollees.  Effective May 1, 2011 the fast start bonus is paid on all purchases made within the enrollees first 60 days (formerly 30 days).

The third way to earn money is through the Power of 3 Team Bonus.  This bonus is paid monthly and requires a 100 PV order from yourself as well.  When you and 3 Level 1 enrollees each have 100 PV Loyalty Rewards orders within the same month you get a $50 bonus.  If each of those 3 enrollees has 3 enrollees doing that same, then you get a $250 bonus.  Finally, if each of your Level 2 enrollees have 3 IPC’s ordering 100 PV in a single month on top of the 9 – Level 2 and 3 – Level 1 enrollees your monthly bonus will be $1500.

The fourth and final way to earn money in doTERRA is through the Unilevel Organizational Bonus.  As a consultant with a monthly PV of 50 you get paid 2% on your Level 1 volume.  As a manager spending 100 PV and with an OV (organizational volume) of 500 you also get 3% on all Level 2 volume.  As a director with 100 PV and 1000 OV you also get 5% on Level 3 orders.  As an Executive with the same PV and with an OV of 2000 you also get 5% off of all level 4 volume.  As an Elite with 100 PV and 3000 OV you also get 6% on Level 5 volume.  As a Premier spending 100 PV and 2 Executive legs earning 2000 OV each  you also get 6% on Level 6 volume.  As a Silver with 100 PV and 3 personally enrolled Elite legs you’ll make 7% off of the Level 7 volume.

Silver, Gold, and Platinum are in the Leadership performance pool and earn extra percentages based off of their personally enrolled legs.  A Silver has 3 Elite legs.  A Gold has 3 Premier legs.  A Platinum has 3 Silver legs.

The Diamond Performance Pool has even more bonuses attached to it and is made up of Diamonds, Blue Diamonds, and Presidential Diamonds.  A Diamond has 4 personally enrolled silver legs.  A Blue Diamond has 5 personally enrolled Gold legs.  Finally a Presidential Diamond has 2 Gold and 4 Platinum enrolled legs.

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