Lifelong Vitality Pack

The Lifelong Vitality Pack is composed of Alpha CRS+, xEO Mega, and Microplex VMz.  These supplements work together to create an ideal daily regiment of health.  They provide the nutrients necessary for a healthful life.

Alpha CRS+ is a combination of natural botanical extracts that help with cellular health.  It is suggested that adults take 3 capsules per day to get the most benefits out of this supplement.  Alpha CRS+ Boswellia serrate extract which help prevent arthritis.  In fact, some customers have been able to reduce or even eliminate their glucosamine pill intact with the addition of Alpa CRS+ to their daily regiment.  Also included in this supplement is acetyl-l-carnitine whch helps to break down fatty acids as well as reduce fatigue.  There are also many other ingredients that help promote lifelong wellness in this capsule.

xEO Mega blends fatty acids from marine and land sources.  There is also an essential oil blend that allows the unique benefits of these fatty acids to be exposed.  Fish Oil concentrate is one of the main ingredients.  It contains omega-3 fatty acids that are essential for health.  Also found in Fish oil are EPA and DHA.  These can help with high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.  EPA and DHA are especially beneficial for pregnant women and children.  Many of the oils included in this supplement are Clove Bud, Frankincense, Orange, Ginger, Caraway, and German Chamomile. 2-4 softgels are suggested per day.

Microplex VMz is a multivitamin.  It is a combination of whole food nutrients and minerals.  Within this supplement there is a patented enzyme assimilation that helps make bioavailability of the vitamins and nutrients denser.  Along with Vitamin A, C, D, E, K, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, Folate, Iron, Magnesium, etc. there is a tummy taming blend.  The tummy taming blend helps to make the absorption of all of the vitamins and minerals easier on the body.  Adults should take 4 capsules per day.

The Lifelong Vitality Pack can be helpful in creating a balance of nutrition on a daily basis.  The natural ingredients provided in these supplements will provide you with extra energy and health.  doTERRA stand behind these products so fully that if you don’t notice a difference in your health after using them for 30 days they will refund your money.

Adding the Lifelong Vitality Pack to your life is one of the best things you can do for your health.

Melaleuca doTERRA Oil

melaleuca doterra oilMany people refer to Melaleuca as Tea Tree Oil.  It comes from melaleuca alternifolia – a tree.  The oil is extracted through steam distillation.  Melaleuca has many healthful properties – it is antifungal, anti-infectious, antibacterial, antviral, an immune stimulant, and tissue regenerator, along with many other things.

For centuries aborigines have used tea tree leaves to heal wounds and skin infections.  People also use Melaleuca to cure cold sores, vaginal thrush, diaper rashes, sore throats, gum disease, and diarrhea.  Melaleuca was shown in studies to inhibit Staph, athletes food, and Candida.  Inhaling tea tree oil was found to be anti-inflammatory.

Melaleuca is a mild enough oil that it can be applied neat.  It is also good to use aromatically, especially when respiratory support is needed

Melaleuca is a great oil to have around for a variety of scenarios.  It can be especially useful for first aid.  It helps with odor as well, so is great for a deodorant.  Keeping some Melaleuca with you at all times would be a great idea, since it is such a diverse oil and has such strong antibacterial, anti-infectious, and antiviral properties.

Citrus Bliss doTERRA Oil Blend

citrus bliss doterra oilCitrus oils are some of the most aromatically pleasing oils available.  They are both stress relieving and invigorating at the same time.  Citrus oils are also amazing at disinfecting.  Citrus Bliss combines many essential oils that help to bring emotional balance as well as boosting immunity.

The oils used in Citrus Bliss are Wild Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Bergamot, Tangerine, Clementine, and Vanilla Bean Extract.  The Vanilla adds an extra kick to this oil that makes it an especially wonderful fragrance.

The different oils do completely different things.  Wild Orange helps with overcoming depression.  Lemon purifies while also helping lift spirits and energy.  Grapefruit is another antidepressant that also helps with anxiety.  Mandarin is a gentle sedative that helps promote freedom from stress and irritability.  Bergamot also helps with depression and calms distress.  Tangerine is sedating to the nervous system as well.  Clementine and Vanilla Bean Extract help to soothe tension.

Because this blend is so pleasant it is ideal for diffusing at home or in the work place.  Topically it can be applied on the wrists, behind the ears, or can be used in a relaxing bath.

Because of the immense amount of citrus oils used in this blend it is best to avoid sun exposure for up to 12 hours after using it, because citrus oils can increase photosensitivity.

Clear Skin doTERRA Oil Blend

doTERRA Clear SkinClear Skin is a blend of oils that does exactly as it says – it clears the skin of different skin problems.  Some of the things it can help fight are different fungal infections as well as eczema, warts, and psoriasis.  Clear Skin is sold as a 10 ml roll-on.  This blend of oils can be used topically or aromatically.

The oils used in Clear Skin are Palmarosa, Leleshwa, Niaouli, Melaleuca, Lemongrass, Clove Bud, Citronella, Eucalyptus globulus, Thyme, Ocimum gratissimum, Origanum Saccatum, Eucalyptus citriodora, Betel Leaf, Elsholtzia eriostachya, Eucalyptus longifolia, Monarda, and Cymbopogon khasianus.  These oils can help deal with skin related issues as well as the immune system.

Diffusing this blend could help eliminate molds and fungi from your household environment.  You can even mix this blend with water and spray it onto areas that have been affected by mold.

This oil should be used with caution during pregnancy and it should be noted that repeated use can cause contact sensitization, so it is best not to use it on an extremely consistent basis.

Zendocrine Supplement by doTERRA

A popular Chinese saying is “the liver is the foundation of health.”  The purpose of the liver is to create bile that will break down all the fat and toxins that are put into the body.  But in a world with overwhelming toxicity the liver needs a little help cleaning house.

Because of the abundance of toxic chemicals in our everyday lives many people suffer form toxic stress.  Some of the symptoms of toxic stress are obesity, mood swings, nausea, allergies, and poor energy.

Dr. David Hill recommends two types of cleanses to detoxify the body.  The first is a daily nutritional approach.  By approaching our health on a daily basis we can promote a healthy environment for healthy environment in which our body can function properly.

The second type of cleanse is an isolated cleanse.  This cleanse is generally very aggressive to the body and so it limited in its length – usually about 10-14 days.  Because of its hostile nature there are generally side affects associated with the treatment.  The body is just trying to release the excessive amount of toxins in the body through these side effects, which include fever, chills, and headache.

Because of the aggressive approach of an isolated cleanse the daily approach is the easiest on the body and the most beneficial.  doTERRA offers a supplement called Zendocrine that supports the liver and other vital organs (including the kidneys, colon, lungs, and skin).

Burdock Root is one of the main ingredients in Zendocrine and one of its components is a fiber called inuline.  Inuline changes the way we digest sugars along with supporting the body’s organs.  Metabolically speaking Zendocrine changes how the body reacts to sugar, which reduces inflammation.

Zendocrine should be taken on a daily basis, two times per day (morning and night).  By doing this and taking a capsule with four drops each of geranium, grapefruit, clove, and rosemary (for added support) you will find that our vital organs are function quite well and toxin free at that.

doTerra Essential Oils Are Unique

You probably know about essential oils and essential oil products.  What you probably do not know is the care with which doTerra oils are produced, preserved, and combined.  This high standard of quality results in a product that truly excels in each of its multiple uses and applications and is uniquely suited to today’s culture and market.

doTerra essential oils excel in their purity.  They are distilled under highly controlled conditions from the roots, stems, bark, seeds, and leaves of various plants which have been grown in their native locations and harvested at just the right time for optimum product.

Any impurities, such as pesticides or contaminants, are removed during processing of the oils; and the finished product contains no fillers or artificial ingredients.  doTerra oils contain no synthetic compounds.

Because of careful, quality-controlled extraction protocols, doTerra essential oils actually feel different, resulting in a clean, crisp touch when applied to the skin: imagine the luxury of a doTerra oil or oil blend massage!

Essential oils produced by doTerra excel in their aroma.  The doTerra distillation process reduces hundreds of plant products to their essence, in the form of small quantities of pure oil, which will in turn undergo strict testing to regulate the final product’s composition.

When oils are blended to produce one of doTerra’s unique essential oil blends, that process is also subject to strict protocols and testing.  The result is an oil that can provide a rich, unadulterated scent with the application of just a very few drops.

Essential oil diffusers come in many types and styles, dispersing the oil’s aroma throughout a room or an area.  And think of the aromas! – basil, citrus, cinnamon, sage and clove;  coconut, frankincense, and geranium.  Ginger.  Lavender.  Lemon.  Rose, or mint, or wintergreen or myrrh, old-world scents suddenly new-age enhancing.

Finally, doTerra essential oils excel in the quality and variety of their uses, from aromatherapy to nutritional supplements to a host of personal care options.  The quality of the oil ensures that each product will consistently meet the highest standard, bringing you a quality experience.

doTerra essential oils are used in a variety of products, including soaps, body lotions, candles, nutrition supplements, even medically, in creams and rubs designed to relieve rashes and other skin irritations.   They are a safe, pleasing, and varied addition to our modern world, pleasing our senses and decreasing our stresses.

How to Use doTERRA Lemon Essential Oil

doterra lemon oilLemon is an essential oil that just plain smells good.  It has other good qualities as well, but it does smell good.  Lemon is great for cleaning.  Cleaning your internal organs or cleaning your counter tops – whichever you prefer to clean at the time.  It’s great for just placing in a glass of water and drinking daily.  You can rub some on your abdomen to help with constipation as well.  And on top of all of these things Lemon is also helpful with uplifting moods and providing energy.

Lemon was historically used to fight malaria and scurvy.  Sore throats and coughs are easily treated by rubbing some lemon on your neck or over your lungs or simply by drinking some lemon water.  This citrus oil can be used to fight off anxiety and stress as well.  You can clean up skin, whether you’re scrubbing off dirt or working hard to clear away a plantar wart (just put some lemon oil on a cotton ball, hold in place with a Band-Aid and replace daily until its gone – probably 2-4 weeks).  To be safe, avoid direct exposure to sunlight for 12 hours after applying lemon, because some citrus oils can cause your skin to become more photosensitive.  doTERRA Lemon essential oil is safe to take internally, apply topically, or diffuse aromatically.

Family Physician Kit Oils by doTERRA

The doTERRA Family Physician Kit is the perfect kit to start off with on the road towards health and healing within your home.  Within this kit you will find the 10 top, most often used, essential oils that doTERRA offers.  The oils offered within this kit can bring an immense amount of relief to you and your loved ones.  It is a very diverse kit that can help with many different ailments and problems within your home.  The oils included are Frankincense, Lemon, Lavender, Melaleuca, Oregano, Peppermint, Breathe, Deep Blue, Digest Zen, and OnGuard.

Some of the most important oils within the kit are:

Frankincense – This is one of the best oils around.  For centuries Frankincense has been known for its healing properties.  It can also help with depression, anxiety, and irritability.  Many different facial products contain Frankincense because of its ability to clear skin.  It is an essential oil that is cell regenerative and that can help with clarity of mind and hyperactivity as well.  One of the best things about the oils is their diversity and Frankincense is a great example of that.  It is recommended as the oil to have in your first aid kit (if you could only have one that is).

LavenderLavender oil is another extremely diverse oil that should be carried with you everywhere.  It is more affordable than Frankincense, but is very effective with many different ailments.  You can treat burns, insomnia, anxiety, cuts, bruises, dry skin, chapped lips, and many other ailments with this oil.  It works really well on allergies and allergic reactions as well as insect bites.

OnGuard – This essential oil blend is a mix of a variety of oils, including wild orange and cinnamon, that mean some serious business against viruses.  Many people have found that by applying this oil on the bottoms of their feet before going to school or church that they and their kids have gotten sick noticeably less.  By applying this oil to the neck you can treat a sore throat.  By using it with your toothpaste you can prevent and even sometimes treat periodontal disease (also known as gingivitis).  On Guard is essential for keeping your family safe and healthy.

The Family Physician Kit will become a set of oils that are used daily within your home and life, because they are extremely diverse and helpful.  Most importantly you’ll want to use these oils, because the doTERRA essential oils are more pure, potent and powerful than an oils on the market, because of how and where they are grown, harvested, and distilled.